We are looking for a highly qualified and experienced Quranic Studies Scholar. We are looking for someone with good education in Quran and related Islamic subjects. Ideal candidate would be someone who has teaching experience of Quran related subjects in reputable institution or University. The selected candidate will be responsible for creating content related to the Holy Quran and relevant Islamic subjects.

Required Skills:

  • Masters or Doctorate in Islamic and Quran studies.
  • Excellent English and Arabic writing and speaking skills.
  • 5-10 years experience in research and academics field Duties.
  • Do research, collect information, identify public domain books, negotiate with publishers/authors to get content for e-books.
  • Writing articles and content related to topics related to the Holy Quran which can be used for blogs, feeds, Group posting etc.
  • Manage, coordinate & participate in creation of e-books related to the Holy Quran and Islamic subjects
  • Participate in training of Online Quran Tutors
  • Could be asked to perform other duties related online Quran and related subjects.