Arabic Language Course

Arabic Language Course

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Arabic Language Course | Your Future Campus YFC

Your Future Campus provide Online Arabic Language Course for the students who want to learn Arabic. We believe that through Arabic lessons the students will gain knowledge and ability to express simple ideas in Arabic writing, spoken and other communicative forms in the Arabic language.

If you want to become an expert in Arabic Languages and there is no Arabic language school, Arabic classes or Arabic speaking classes near you then you no need to worry anymore we provide you Online Arabic course classes. We prepare our students to train them to speak Arabic words fluently. You don’t just study a new language, you learn to speak a new language. You don’t simply learn Arabic language rules you acquire your new language by listening, mimicking and respondent queries – a similar method you mastered your native language as a child. Register now for three days Free Trial Class. You may also join French Language course , English Language Course and Chinese Language Course with 3 days Free Trial Class.

Part 1


  • Greetings and Introduction
  • Residence and Office
  • Family


  • Demonstrative Pronouns (This, These, That, Those, etc.)


Part 2


  • Daily Life
  • Restaurant
  • Prayer


  • Numbers (Singular, Dual, and Plural)
  • Genders (Masculine / Feminine)


Part 3


  • School
  • Work Place
  • Market


  • Indefinite Articles
  • Pronouns (Attached / Separate)


Part 4


  • Weather
  • People Places


  • Past
  • Present and Future Tense


Part 5


  • Hobbies Interests
  • Travel
  • Hajj Umrah


  • Passive Voice
  • Subject
  • Objects
  • Prepositions


Part 6


  • Health
  • Holidays


  • Interrogatives
  • Negatives
  • Relative Pronouns

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Basic Level
Advance Level
Business Level


1 Hour Class
30 Minutes Class

Days Plan

1 Day Per Week (4 Classes/Mo)
2 Days Per Week (8 Classes/Mo)
3 Days Per Week (12 Classes/Mo)
4 Days Per Week (16 Classes/Mo)
5 Days Per Week (20 Classes/Mo)
6 Days Per Week (24 Classes/Mo)


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